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SPEED BOAT – A unique Experience!

SPEED BOAT is a boat that is built to speed over the waves. The vessel is fully resistant, permits a wide range of movements in the water and performs all sorts of aquatic acrobatics. In the water, you can do amazing tricks such as spins, spectacular turns, extreme braking, spins and even jumps on the waves. You could try a 360 too, also known as a sea-spin… try it, you’ll love it! While doing these pirouettes, the vessel will submerge from time to time in the sea, allowing you to feel refreshed before you continue with your adventure. You’ll enjoy the great excitement that comes with the speed and adrenalin on the water. The most authentic, the quickest, and the most enjoyable way to do these great tricks on a unique boat. Find your intrepid inner self, and have a great time on a really exciting craft!

Our experienced pilots will make sure that you enjoy SPEED BOAT to the limit and experience extreme tricks in complete security for everyone on board, offering you an unforgettable experience!

Feel the adrenalin rush on this really individual boat! Enjoy the wonderful scenery along the Anfi del Mar Coast, the sun, and the refreshing water splashes on the way that you will experience together with the remarkable aquatic tricks, turns and pirouettes that you are sure to enjoy on the craft!

Fun… with no limits!

The boat can accommodate up to 12 people, so you can have a wonderful time together with your family and friends. Discover which of your friends is the most adventurous and enjoy the experience as a group. Our ride is an incredible attraction for everyone. Kids will love the activities and the speed, however, they must be over 10 years old to enjoy all the fun of SPEED BOAT. It’s an aquatic experience which will ensure that you have fun… with no limits! The trip will be 20 unforgettable minutes of great fun, full of action and adrenalin.

SPEED BOAT is a safe ride

Our fully qualified instructors will explain the safety regulations to everyone and how the boat works. They will be able to answer any question that you might want to ask. SPEED BOAT is a safe ride and, of course, lifejackets will be fully available to all.


You’ll have an unforgettable experience on SPEED BOAT. Of course, if you want to have a souvenir of your adventure, the boat has an on-board camera which will record the whole experience, so that you can order video and photos for you to keep. Have fun seeing the faces of your family and friends on-board!

Now you won’t have to think about going to any Theme Park… Our extreme SPEED BOAT boat is all that you need for enjoying the sun and sea to the limit!

Enjoy the most refreshing aquatic trip around! Reserve our extreme boat now and give your friends and family the surprise of their life!