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Fun guaranteed!

It’s the perfect activity for both adults and children alike. A trip on Crazy Sofa consists of a donut attached to a motor launch, and by a strong and resistant heavy-duty cord about 5 metres long, which drags the ring along at high speed. The passengers should sit in a reclined position as if they were seated, and as soon as they are in place and comfortable, the adventure begins! The launch will move at high speed so that you will be able to make incredible jumps in the sea and to spin the donut too. Enjoy sliding over the sea surface and jumping over the wakes! Show that you’re in control, fight against the sea and the waves so that you don’t fall in the water! Crazy Sofa is designed with capacity to transport one or two passengers as a maximum.

It’ll be an unforgettable experience

Real fun guaranteed for everyone! The only pre-requisite is that you have to know how to swim. The activity can be both individual or as a couple. We think however, it is much more fun with a friend, family or your partner. You won’t stop laughing, it’ll be an unforgettable experience, believe us! Enjoy a great sea adventure!

Completely safe for everybody!

It’s a very safe activity at all times under the supervision of our monitors. Our team will explain the activity and safety regulations to you before you begin. Crazy Sofa is very safe and young adventurers can also take part in and enjoy to the limit.

We have a professional photographer on-board who will take photos of your trip on Crazy Sofa, so that you can enjoy your adventure and smile at the excited faces of your friends or family. Ask for your photos at the end of your activity.

Fly over the waves!

It is the perfect activity to enjoy a different kind of day on the beach. We´ll make you fly over the sea so that you spin and jump. No doubt this is a fun and refreshing activity. For the younger adventurer, speed and manoeuvres will be reduced because we want to make sure that our younger passengers also have fun and stay safe at the same time.

An all-round fun trip… Get on-board the Crazy Sofa!