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Flyboard… to dare is to do!

This activity was pioneered by the Frenchman Franky Zapata in 2012. It consists of a board placed beneath the feet which has two water jets that push out water downwards under pressure allowing you to fly above the water, do pirouettes or submerge yourself.

It is fully stable in the air and is simple to use. The propulsion system collects water by means of a turbine and expels it under high pressure through a hose which, dividing the water flow between two jets situated beneath the foot board, expels the water downwards allowing propulsion to happen. This mechanism is controlled by the monitor from the jet-ski.

Water pressure is controlled by a trigger wirelessly connected to the jet-ski. The pilot is in control of all movement.

Balance yourself, maintain body control and you’ll be able do pirouettes, move yourself and dare to do a 360 turn. Flyboard is much easier than it looks at first sight. Everyone is able to be a first-time flyer! The only pre-requisite is to know how to swim, and doesn’t require physical strength – only balance and the need to have fun!

Safe Experience

Our monitors will explain everything to you y will make sure that you are ready and prepared with all the equipment that you need. One of our qualified monitors will be with you during the whole trip, looking after you at all times, answering your doubts and advising you about your adventure so that you can do better pirouettes in the air and that you have the best experience possible. We can adapt to your abilities and will advise you about your acrobatics tailored to your level and ensure that you end up doing all sorts of acrobatics, somersaults and 360 spins.

Flyboard is a safe sport

To practice Flyboard, it is obligatory to use a lifejacket and protect the ears from damage and inconvenience which might happen when making contact with the water. Remember that one of our monitors will will be with you at all times. Flyboard is a safe sport, where the pilot can rest in the water at any given moment. Our activity complies with all standard safety requirements and all equipment will be in good condition, ready for use.

The activity can last fifteen, twenty or thirty minutes. You choose how long you want to fly and pirouette!

During the activity, our own professional photographer will be on hand to take photos so that you can show off your experience.

An indescribable experience!

Flyboard is the perfect family activity, with friends or with your partner. Try this indescribable experience! If you’re modern, or an adventure seeker,or you’ve already tried all other aquatic activities, or you just want to try the latest thing …Flyboard is your sport! Enjoy flying over the sea like you never imagined, submerging yourself, leaping like a dolphin y practicing astounding pirouettes! You’ll be flying from the very first moment! Come and try it!