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How do you ride a jet-ski?

Jet-ski are undoubtedly the most popular form of water activities. Now you can enjoy a ride on a jet-ski individually or with a partner. There is no need for a licence to ride a jet-ski, nor is previous experience necessary, However, you must be able to swim.


Controlling a jetski is simple, and similar to a two-wheeled conventional motorbike. The minimum age to be allowed to ride is 18 years old. Neither does it require physical strength nor technical expertise.


When get on a jet-ski for the first time, you switch it on and accelerate slowly. The most secure way to do this is to be seated. However if there are waves, it’s recommended to stand up to reduce the impact of the waves against the jet-ski and to be in better control, note that in these machines, there are no brakes. So, to slow down you must release the accelerator.

Pure adrenaline on a jet-ski

It is a navigation experience highly recommended for extreme excitement, something which is impossible to have in other marine environments. Jet-skis are types of vessels ideal to travel long distances in a short time. But they are also perfect for taking a quiet trip along the coast.


Driving a jet-ski is a complete physical experience, where you exercise arm and leg muscles, keeping them flexed and tense, above all, the legs at times of rapid navigation, in which we have to cushion our movements. A complete workout in coordination, balance and concentration.

Before you begin

Before starting out on the journey, our fully experienced monitors will give a theoretical explanation on how to control the jet-ski, responsible use, and an explanation regarding safety regulations. Watercraft and jet-skis are very powerful, safe and stable, and ready for the unexpected, such as sudden changes in weather and waves.


Our monitors are always available to answer your questions, so that you have an intrepid and safe experience. During your trip, our professional photographer will take photos that you can request at the end of the trip, so that you can show your adventure to everyone.

No limit navigation

Jet-Ski in Gran Canaria are vessels that respect the environment. They are the most ecological, as its water turbine propulsion system develops a water oxygenation process.


Jet-skis are the lightest type of vessel that works by collecting water with a turbine that collects water from the bow and then expels it under high pressure through the stern, which, in turn drives the engine. The main difference between the watercraft and other types of vessel is that it does not use an external propeller, as it is driven by a turbine, being much safer than other types of vessels.


Its minimum depth allows you to navigate in very shallow waters and lets you reach areas which would be unthinkable in any other type of vessel. Watercraft or jet-skis are types of vessels ideal to travel long distances in a short time. But they are also perfect for taking a quiet trip along the coast.


Feel a real sensation of freedom and well-being and release your adrenalin!