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Relax and enjoy in a different way

Live the sea differently with a trip in a motorboat. Enjoy a relaxing and marvellous journey in our speedy motor vessel and enjoy a unique experience.

We are able to adapt readily to to your needs by offering two distinct vessels we have a sailing vessel: “Fuerza 7” with capacity for up to four crew members to spend a day with your family or your partner, and if you would like to spend the day with all of your friends at sea, then we have “Benito Cruiser”., a boat with a capacity for up to ten persons. It ‘ll be a memorable day, discovering the beauty of the south-west coast of Gran Canaria in the best company. Don’t miss the chance to sail across the transparent and tranquil Atlantic waters.

With our motorboat trips You’ll have a tranquil experience in the best company. Come and enjoy the relaxing sound of the waves and the freshness of the sea breeze while you take advantage of the sun’s rays, lying in our comfortable deck. If you so wish, you can take a dip in the deep waters surrounding Gran Canaria. Both vessels are fully equipped so that you can enjoy an unforgettable and relaxing day in the sea.

Incredible panoramic views of the Gran Canaria coastline

You can count on having the best crew, specialists in the world of navigation that will make you feel as if you are in your own home. Our experienced crew will ensure that you spend the whole trip relaxing and enjoying the sensation. We guarantee that you will have unforgettable times on-board. We’ll take you to the most incredible places along the Gran Canaria coast, and special moments to take photos from a unique viewpoint. You’ll have wonderful views of the Canary coastline. We will surprise you!

Benito Cruiser

“Benito Cruiser” is a sports motorboat, 45 feet long, fully equipped with everything you need to have an experience with all the on-board comforts on the high seas. It is a very powerful sports vessel. You will feel the speed when it slides between the waves, during the trip. If you the correct licence, you can take charge of the engines from the deck and direct the adventure!

Motorboat trips are the best way to celebrate a special occasion that no-one will ever forget. Share the experience with who you want in the complete privacy of our vessel. Enjoy the relaxed atmosphere, in the best company.

Both a special and unforgettable trip!

Break the routine and do things the way you want! You can bring food, drink and your own music. Boat trips are very popular for celebrating stag or hen parties, birthdays, photoshoots, a romantic escape, etc. The beautiful sunsets in the sea are very much in demand for couples wishing to declare their love.

The gentle climate and still waters of the Atlantic make it possible to sail all year round. Discover the most beautiful and innermost places in Gran Canaria that only a boat trip can offer. Come and feel the feeling of freedom in the sea. Discover the most beautiful and innermost places in Gran Canaria.

Live the experience of the high sea, leave your worries on land and come and have a great time!