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A Unique experience full of sensations

The pleasure of parasailing is a unique experience, full of great sensations. Enjoy the sea from above with complete security and in total comfort.

You`ll feel the adrenalin as you ascend, and then soon enjoy total relaxation and well-being that comes from flying over the sea, feeling the fresh sea breeze and wonder at the marvellous coastal views, the Anfi del Mar beach and the sea from way up above. It will be an experience that you will remember all of your life.

Let the adventure begin!

The activity begins with passenger collection at the meeting point, to board our vessel. We will then make a short journey, until we have moved away from the coast and begin to deploy the parachutes. The flying system can be found at the rear of the vessel. Our monitors will help the passengers to get into a good position, and then will adjust the harnesses and then explain the necessary safety regulations.
The parachutes are designed so that three persons can fly at the same time. Share the experience with a friend, your family or your partner. when all passengers are tilde in well in their safety harness, the ascent can begin. For the ascent, the monitors will open the parachutes and let the boat ropes, while the boat builds up speed in order to inflate the parachutes and soar quickly until they reach the desired height. The flight lasts about 10 minutes and you will be able to enjoy the beautiful birds-eye views of the beach as well as the coast. When the flight finishes, the passengers will will land softly on the vessel.

It’s a great activity

During the flight, it will be possible to descend enough and get a refreshing soak and then to continue the flight. An unforgettable experience to have either on your own or accompanied. It’s a great activity to do with a partner, family or with friends. The only requirement is that you know how to swim. There is also a tariff for those who do not wish to fly, but would like to accompany and enjoy the crossing.

In order to fly, no preparation is necessary by the passengers, only the need to have fun and enjoyment.

Parasailing is one of safest forms of adventure. We have a team of professionals who can answer all your questions, and will be with you throughout all your adventure. We strictly comply with all established safety regulations and our parachute equipment is very comfortable and in perfect condition.

The most beautiful panoramas from a birds-eye view

Feel the freedom and enjoy the beautiful views of the Gran Canaria coast from the sky and contemplate the banks of fish swimming beneath your feet.

So that you can relive your adventure at any moment and share it your memories with whoever you wish, our professional photographer will take photos of all of your flight. Please ask for your photos at the end of your parasailing trip.

If you have always wanted to know what it is like to fly in complete freedom, dare yourself with our parasailing!